The Jack of Spades Progressive Raffle at The Fillin Station is an exciting game of chance officially licensed by The Michigan State Lottery Charitable Gaming Division. The raffle is conducted by AMVETS OF MICHIGAN, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Proceeds benefit AMVETS, AMVET Riders Chapter 57, and Veteran Causes.  For more information on Michigan Charitable Gaming, please click here.


52 standard playing cards, plus 2 Jokers, are placed individually in numbered envelopes and locked in a display case, for a total of 54 envelopes.  Raffle tickets are sold all week only at The Fillin Station. Every Thursday at 8pm, a raffle ticket is drawn. The winning ticket holder must choose a sealed envelope from the display case. If the envelope contains the Jack of Spades, then player wins the accumulated jackpot prize. If the Jack of Spades is not uncovered, then the player may win a consolation prize, please see official rules.  ​All previously sold tickets are then destroyed and new tickets go on sale for the following week's drawing. The proceeds from each week roll over until the Jack of Spades is uncovered.  The Jackpot winner will receive 50% of the accumulated proceeds from the raffle minus consolation prizes, ticket seller incentives, and/or other costs in accordance with Michigan Gaming requirements.


​A new deck of standard playing cards, including the Jokers, will be used for each new game started. 54 cards in total. 

Cards will be placed in security envelopes, sealed, shuffled, and numbered 1 through 54, in accordance with Michigan gaming directives.

Numbered envelopes will be posted in a locked display cabinet at Fillin Station Bar and Grill 49434 Gratiot Chesterfield Michigan. 

Tickets will be sold for one dollar each.

50% of the total proceeds is the Grand Prize, or Jackpot.

The purchaser holding the weekly winning ticket will pick a numbered envelope from the display cabinet. 

To win the Jackpot, the weekly winning ticket holder must choose the envelope number containing the Jack of Spades.

Drawings will be every Thursday night at 8:00 PM at The Fillin Station Bar and Grill. 

If the Jack of Spades is not drawn, the Jackpot rolls over to the next week’s drawing.

The Jackpot will continue to build until the Jack of spades is drawn. This could take up to 26 weeks. 

If you are not going to be present at the drawing, you must declare an envelope number written on your ticket stub, otherwise an uninterested third-party, selected at random, will choose an envelope number on your behalf. Winners will receive the same percentage of prize money regardless of whether they are present or not. Also include contact information on your ticket if you will not be present. 

If the winning ticket holder picks the envelope containing the Jack of Spades, they will receive the Jackpot.

Chairpersons, cochairpersons, ticket sellers, or employees of The Fillin station and their household members are not permitted to purchase tickets.

Winners will be required to provide proper identification and information for tax purposes. All monies taken in and paid will be accounted for by AMVETS in accordance with all Michigan gaming requirements.

If the Michigan gaming license expires during a game, tickets will be drawn on the last night until someone draws the Jack of Spades and wins the jackpot. 

If your ticket is drawn and you choose an envelope containing any card except a jack of spades, they will be awarded the following prizes: Jokers- $150, Aces – $100, Any Face Card- $75. 

Ticket sales will end on Thursdays at 7:45 PM. Ticket sales for the following Thursday’s drawing will start after 8 PM when the current weekly drawing is complete.

After the drawing at 8 PM on Thursday, all previously sold tickets stubs will be destroyed. No ticket stub sold from a previous weeks drying will be allowed or accepted in the current week’s drawing. If the tickets sold from the previous week’s drawing is drawn, it will be considered null and void, and another ticket will be drawn.

In the event of inclement weather or events resulting in an unscheduled closure of Fillin Station Bar and Grill, the drawing will be held at 7:30 PM the next scheduled date at Fillin Station bar and Grill.

State raffle rules and these house rules are the official rules governing this game. 

If a multiple drawing is required at the end of the license expiration date, the dollar value of the ticket drawing as determined by the jackpot amount will stay the same as it started until the jackpot is won. 

Tickets are not to be bent, folded, or crinkled when put into the drum.


If your ticket is drawn on Thursdays, you get to choose an envelope. If the envelope contains the Jack of Spades, you win the jackpot!!

The only place to get tickets is at The Fillin Station.  Stop in anytime and ask your bartender!

Write your name, phone number, and desired envelope number on your raffle ticket.

After your ticket is filled out, tear it at the preforation and insert the filled out portion into the ticket drum.